5 Steps to Creating Your Own Joy

Joy [/joi/, noun] a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

1. Say no, sometimes

While being the go-to person feels great, some days you might look up and feel pulled in 1000 different directions. It’s okay to say no, sometimes. Take the time to recharge!

2. Do what you love, even if it’s a little out of the box

Joy comes from within not from what other people think. If you find something that makes you happy, do it! My cousin and I just joined an ax throwing league – queue the weird looks – but we think it's a great time.

3. Take time to appreciate the little things

Ever stop and wonder how great many of us have it? We flick a switch and the light comes on or we turn on the faucet and clean water comes out? A lot of people don’t get to say that. Take a moment every now and again to appreciate these small but significant blessings.

4. Put down the phone and spend time with real people

Work will still be there in the morning or later tonight, be in the moment and cultivate real relationships. Fun game, stack your phones on the table or floor and first one to grab theirs loses (punishment to be decided by the group, next round of drinks?). I’ve done this with a group of teenage girls, it is possible.

 5. Buy yourself flowers or something beautiful

Don’t wait for someone else to do it or a special occasion. Surround yourself with beauty and nature to bring some bright joy to your day! I learned from my mom that fresh flowers are a must and can always bright up your day

Time to get out there and create some joy!


  • I love these tips so much! I have been learning to say “No” more and more and it helps my mental state so much! I love putting cell phones away too, especially around our kids. It’s good to unplug.

    Lynn Marie
  • What a cute gift box! Saying no is my favorite. Sometimes you just have to! ;)

    Nicki Hasler
  • What an awesome list of things someone can do to stay happy! Sometimes we need to be reminded.

  • Love this! I particularly relate to #1 – it’s so hard to say no sometimes, but doing so can bring so much joy!

  • I love this list! Finding joy in the moment is often just about being present and putting your phone down! I love that you include that in the list!


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