5 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding

Summer wedding season is in full swing, and if you are anything like us, you LOVE seeing all the ways couples are injecting personalized details into their big day! Today we are taking you through 5 fun (and simple!) ways to personalize your wedding.  Don’t fret if you are not a DIY bride, Lily and Grey can help with so many of these ideas, helping you make your day both personalized and low stress!  How did you personalize your wedding day? We love to hear different ideas so share below in the comments!


    Do you have guests coming from out of town or planning to stay the night at the venue? If so, wedding welcome gifts are the sweetest way to greet your guests and add some personalized elements!  Welcome gifts can definitely be incorporated into any wedding budget without sacrificing on the purposeful and personalized aspect.  A few must-haves; The Wedding Itinerary that includes, a little greeting from you guys, times, locations, point person for questions with phone number and a few suggestions of things to do around the venue/hotel if there is time before wedding events begin, Bottled Water (you can even personalize these!), and a little snack (again, personalize this! Add in your favorite candy and your future spouse’s fave too). A few additions that can up the welcome gift game; asprin packets (they will love you the morning after the big party!), something unique from the city/state you two met in or where the event (think a food item that is a must from that area), a map of the area to help them navigate around (these can be hand-done and really up the personalized factor), sunscreen and bug spray if the wedding is outdoors or a blanket scarf if the wedding is in a cooler climate.  A few more ways to personalize this element of the day is to consider the gift bag/box itself.  Think about using your wedding colors for the bag/box and ribbon, add personalized hand-lettered tags to the outside and consider a personalized tote bag versus a paper style bag so that your guests can re-use the bag after the event!  We absolutely love creating wedding welcome gifts for guests that are both functional and personalized so this list could go on forever! 


      We cannot get enough of hand-lettered everything, so incorporating hand-lettering into your signage is a major win in our eyes! Signage on your wedding day is super critical for functional purposes (directing guests, timeline of events, bar menu, wedding hashtag) but also to add a touch of personalization.  One of our favorite ideas is utilizing a hand-lettered bar menu sign for your signature drinks.  This is a great way to share with your guests a little piece of you guys, by crafting a drink that is each of your favorite-bonus for getting creative with the name! I love the idea of using your pet names or nicknames you have for each other as an added personalized touch.    We also love the idea of hand-lettering a few of your favorite lines from books, quotes or bible verses on mirrors, chalkboards or wood to add to your ceremony décor and then move over to your welcome or dessert table for the reception.  The best part about these beautiful pieces is that they can serve as wall art in your home after the wedding!  


      3. FLOWERS

        Flowers are my absolute favorite! I love seeing beautiful flowers at weddings and I love even more personalizing your day with meaningful flowers.  A simple way to make your day more personalized is to incorporate a few of the flowers your mother or grandmother used in her bouquet into yours.  Such a simple and beautiful way to honor them and literally carry them with you as you walk down the aisle!  You could also choose a single flower that represents each of your girls in your bridal party and they each walk down the aisle carrying their unique flower that you have chosen for them.


        Hand written, personalized vows?! SWOOON! I love when couples personalize their ceremony by writing their own vows; it always gives such a glimpse into your relationship and allows for the couple to inject their personality and love into the most important part of the day!  Up that romantic and personalized vibe by writing them out in a calligraphed vow booklet, not only will you have them to keep forever but they will look absolutely stunning in your photos.  Personalize the front with His/Hers or with your wedding date in a color that coordinates with your wedding colors.  I guarantee, there will not be a dry eye there!








          Here at Lily and Grey, gifting joyfully includes giving back so we absolutely love when we see couples choosing to make a donation to a charitable organization that they believe in or is near and dear to their heart instead of gifting favors to guests.  Do you two love to run? Consider making your favor donation to the local chapter of Girls On The Run.  Are you two animal lovers? Consider having your donation go to the local animal shelter in your town.  Be sure to let your guests know about the donation in their honor by having a beautiful hand-lettered sign made and placing it on your welcome table!



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