Babies on the Brain

Ladies, let’s talk babies! I’ve got them on the brain and have been thinking, beyond “they’re cute, they cry, they’re going to fill my life with lots of joy”, I don’t have a ton of insight into what to expect-like how will life change??  What are the must haves?? What should I know-like REALLY know??  These questions led me to my tribe of amazing mommies and they were so generous to lay down some honesty on mommy hood.  My big take away; enjoy the perfect imperfection, you’re superwoman (but not really) so take help and medicated wipes are a thing, and you’ll use them (insert alarmed face).  My tribe is filled with smart, funny, intelligent, loving, caring and sharing women and in their spirit, I want to share them with you all. Check out my favorite pieces of their wisdom and drop some of your own in the comments!

What is something that no one told you about being a new mom but you wished they had?

“Can I be honest here?  Ok – I’m gonna be honest here – it’s hard!  It’s really HARD.  And although you are overwhelmed with what’s just happened to you, the emotions of overwhelming/unparalleled love and joy don’t happen right away for everyone.  When he was born, I was pretty much in shock.  I was unsure of what to do and needed my family.  I felt guilt for not feeling in love with being a mommy at first.  And I wished someone would have told me that it’s ok to feel this way and that it’s normal to feel this way.  Especially for us moms who don’t have our babies in our 20s.  In our 30s we are MUCH more set in our ways and it takes longer, in my opinion, to adjust.”
~ Lily C. ~
“I wish someone told me to accept help more and ignore the imperfection because it’s enough to drive anyone mad. So what if you’re spare bedroom has become a beacon for unfolded laundry—you will get to it one day.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, just STOP and spend at least 10 minutes staring and cooing with your baby to recognize the miracle your body just went through.”
~ Jen M. ~
“That the best time of day is bed time because it’s the most bonding moment between you and your baby.  It feels like time just slows down for a moment and nothing else in the world really matters – truly magical!
That your hands will touch every type of bodily fluid you never thought they would!
That you can survive on very little sleep and that you will do ANYTHING to get the little bit of sleep that you do get; like fall asleep on the floor next to your baby’s crib so that she (and you) will fall asleep.”

~ Clare L. ~

“Take help! If your husband/partner/friend/mom/neighbor wants to cook a meal or throw in a load of laundry or feed the baby or calm the crying, LET THEM! Help doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the “mom” thing right and the support feels amazing when you let the guilt go.”
~ Jen S. ~
“If you have a vaginal delivery, medicated wipes because... oh, geez.”
~ Candice W. ~


  • Don’t neglect self-care, accept all the help that is offered, it is ok to be overwhelmed, get help if you suspect post partum depression or anxiety <3

  • I always try to warn people to wait until you are ready. I read up on every book I could find when we went through IVF. Nothing prepares you for having a little one. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but also the most rewarding!

    liz Cleland
  • This is great! I so agree with the note about accepting help. And when you don’t have as much help as you might like, just ignore the mess. It doesn’t matter. You have your whole life to keep a clean and tidy house, but that first year with your baby goes by faster than you’d believe possible. Then they walk and talk and run away from you on their little chubby legs and they’ll never be that little baby again!

  • This is fantastic. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that you really need to take some time for yourself. Even 10 minutes of peace can make a crazy change in life so much easier to navigate!

  • Every mama needs her tribe! Great baby advice for Moms!


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