For the love of all things pretty, personalized & joyful: the birth of Lily and Grey

Hello and welcome to Lily and Grey! My sister, Danielle, and I are extremely excited to introduce you to L&G.  We have been super busy sourcing amazing hand made products to feature in our boxes and building partnerships with charities we believe have positive impacts on our communities and CANNOT wait to launch our boxes to you all this spring! 

My sister and I have always loved adding a touch of personalization to everything, from note cards to scarves to jewelry, we cannot get enough of a monogram or initial.  My notebooks from middle school are proof, my name and initials (and of course "future last name(s)") belonged everywhere!  When I was planning how to ask my bridal party to stand with me for my upcoming wedding, I took LOTS of time to source the perfect gifts and add personalization to each of them.  It was really important to me to convey to them how excited I was to have them be a part of my day and to bring them the same joy.  I realized how much time that took and thought, there should be a place people can go to get amazing gift boxes, filled with unique items with the option to personalize, from names to colors, that bring the gifter and the giftee joy.  My sister added the additional layer of joy by suggesting we partner with charities to donate a portion of our profits to them, spreading the joy further! It was in this moment that Lily and Grey was born!

We are excited to be on this journey of creativity and spreading joyfulness to our customers during life's special moments.  One of the first things I placed in our Lily and Grey office space was the quote, "The best feeling of happiness is when you're happy because you've made somebody else happy."    

                                        Daily reminder

We can't wait to help make you and your loved ones happy with our curated boxes! Check back for my next post with behind the scenes details on our products and setting up our office! 



(Check out that personalized scarf!)

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