Lily and Grey’s Pretty Gifting Tips!

Over at Lily and Grey we love pretty things and believe the outside of the gift should make the recipient just as joyful as the inside.  Prettying up your packaging is a simple way to ensure your gift elicits that ear to ear, warm from the inside smile! Check out a few of our favorite tips below just in time for the busy holiday gifting season! #giftjoyfully #upyourgiftgame


Tip 1: THICK RIBBON     


You can find the most gorgeous ribbon, from silk + satin solid colors to beautiful floral or plaid prints to take a plain box from basic to stunning.  With the thick ribbon (3” or 5”), consider tying across one way versus the traditional cross style.  This uses less ribbon but still looks striking and allows for a large boy with long flowing tails.  PS-you can totally skip the wrapping paper when using a thick ribbon!






Bring a breath of freshness to your gift by sliding a stem of greenery through your ribbon.  There are lots of beautiful green options, but we love Silver Dollar Eucalyptus or Israeli Ruscus.  A sprig of dried lavender or rosemary can also add a lovely touch that’s visually pleasing and smells beautiful too!


Gift box




A gift within a gift?! More is more in this case! Tie an extra gift onto the outside of the gift to add some dimension and extra flair.  For the holidays, adding an ornament (choose a personalized one and you’ve got steps 3 + 4 covered!) or a candy cane to the ribbon is a simple way to take your gift packaging to the next level.  Giving a baby gift? Consider tying on a rattle or teether to the outside for the same effect!






We love to personalize right down to the tag! Take your tag up a few notches by changing your basic black pen to a gold, silver or copper marker pen.  Love the look of a chalkboard?  Consider a black tag and use a white ink marker to write out the tag.  Thicken your down-strokes to give your writing a touch of faux calligraphy to fancy it up a bit!


Hand lettered




A simple stripe, dots or other geometric prints create a clean, modern and luxury feel to your gift.  This style of wrapping paper can also pull double duty, working for both the holiday season and anytime gifts, especially when you choose a wrapping paper that has a touch of metallic.  We are partial to gold and are super excited to see what Sugar Paper LA comes out with this year at Target! Stock up when it hits shelves.



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