Why moms are basically super humans

With Mother’s Day rolling around, I’ve been thinking a lot about Moms and how best to show them how much they matter to their loved ones.  This is a HARD task considering Moms are pretty darn AH-Mazing! Check out our ode to the super human capabilities of Moms - it’s definitely true that not all super heroes wear capes! 

  1. Moms literally grow a little human inside them all while continuing on with their own awesomess! I mean, Serena Williams won a major title all while growing life inside her-repeat after me, super humans.

  1. Nothing gross’s them out-don’t like that banana? Spit it right into their hand! Runny nose? You can bet your mama has a shirt sleeve for you. Diapers, potty training, puke in the middle of the night?? They’ve got you with a smile and hug EVEN when you ruin their outfit.

  1. Moms are self-less. They give up and put aside so many things they love to do because they love their babies more.  Saturday mornings used to be filled with yoga and brunch with their friends, now they spend their Saturdays watching their little ones learn to plié at ballet or scoring at soccer.  Your joy is their joy and being Mom level selfless is extraordinary!

  1. Moms are multi-tasking extraordinaires! Maintaining careers, creating, exercising, loving, counseling, reading favorite stories, brushing teeth, making meals, packing lunches, wiping tears, cultivating friendships, loving their partners, keeping schedules, and the list goes on (that was just a snapshot of a typical morning!). Mom’s do it all without breaking a sweat! Check out my superhuman co-worker mama, attending a meeting while eating lunch, and rocking her baby girl - AWE inspiring!


  1. They know everything, literally everything. When you’re little they know the answer to every “why” question you can come up with and when your grown they still know everything.  Like that boy or girl you thought was great that turned out awful, Mom warned you. Didn’t really love that major you picked in college but thought you’d suffer through it? Mom knew you weren’t happy even when you tried to lie. That job you were scared of applying for? Mom knew you could do it and she pushed you to go for it.  How do they know it all?? Repeat after me again, they’re super human!

I could go on and on about the super human abilities of the Moms out there but I think you get the idea.  I’ll leave you with one final and critical proof of their super human ability; they love with a force unmatched by all.  So in honor of all the amazing things Moms do for us every minute of the day, take some time this Mother’s Day to shower her with love and gratitude.  Take her to a yoga class, send her to brunch with her girlfriends, ask her to go for a walk in the park and ask her about her day and dreams, make her coffee or send her a box filled with a few things she can relax with and enjoy!  Thank you to all the Super Human Mamas out there, especially mine!

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